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Leasing land, making lease agreement that permits
Wildcat Exploration the rights to explore drill for minerals like oil. We work with the landowner to find the best option for producing oil on a piece of land owned by the landlord in exchange for $$ amount agreed upon.
Drilling is a process whereby WILDCAT EXPLORATION is trying to create a productive oil well. There are various kinds of oil wells with different functions: Exploration wells (or wildcat wells) are drilled for exploration purposes in new areas and in old areas also.

Growing your Investment!

We are an independent family-owned and operated: working on behalf of WILDCAT EXPLORATION OIL DRILLING company who intends to drill, in KENTUCKY we are working on negotiations to bring the best oil lease or land lease to you the investor...

Leasehold & Mineral Title Verification

  • Oil & gas mineral lease acquisition
  • Mineral and royalty Acquisition
  • Rights-of-way acquisition
  • Route and site selection for R.O.I. projects
  • Mineral and royalty LAND LEASE scouting
  • Securing end-of-term lease renewal
  • Top leasing
  • Strategic acquisition planning
  • Targeted Marketing Campaign
  • Lease Take-Off
  • Mapping and Customized Reporting
  • Title curative
  • Title opinion updates
  • Preparation of drilling title abstracts
  • Unit title
Wildcat Exploration is an environmentally responsible OIL LEASING company.

Wildcat Exploration is reclaiming the vast, remaining reserves from our Nation’s producing oil fields. Wildcat Exploration drilling company's main focus is on acquiring fields with existing wells or new ones that are underdeveloped and located within formations that have demonstrated good historical production.

Our management brings the depth of experience and diversity to steer Wildcat Exploration's future.

Leasing agent/broker

We are independent​
family-owned and operated: 
working on behalf of
OIL DRILLING company who intends to drill in KENTUCKY. We are working on 
negotiations to bring the best
oil lease or land lease to
you the investor........


Acquiring property and confirming title ownership are the critical first steps in developing a prospect.

Land Acquisitions

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